Simplifying blog

Updating the blog…

I finally moved back to Iceland, and I will probably have some more time to jot down what goes through my mind. I recently started a new position as a research scientist at deCODE genetics, so expect some new posts about genetics and statistics! I hope I will also have time to work more on C++ projects, I think it will probably be in relation to R package development.

Regarding the blog… I was lagging very far behind on Hugo version, went from 0.4 to 0.75, and the academic theme had changed a lot, (FYI hugo is a static webpage generator writtin in golang, simple and easy to use). I decided to slim this down into a more simple version of the academic theme, which is essentially just a blog. That suits my needs perfectly. I needed the extended version of hugo for this, I still need to look into what more is in this extended version, but it seems to be some more CSS support.

Guðmundur Einarsson
Guðmundur Einarsson
Research Scientist

I am interested in statistics, genetics and machine learning.